UIN Footwear Accesory UIN Insoles for Female Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Accesory UIN Insoles for Female Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Accesory UIN Insoles for Female Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Accesory UIN Insoles for Female Canvas loafers
UIN Footwear Accesory UIN Insoles for Female Canvas loafers

UIN Insoles for Female

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Women Size (US Standard)
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Applicable in all UIN Toledo Shoes.

1. Soft RPS Cushion

UIN insoles are made of soft and breathable OrthoLite material that provides a comfortable fit and sensory stimulation. Soft RPS Cushion with the responsive technology applied is designed to deliver massage experience and exceptional comfort during both static and dynamic activities. Soft external Cushion elements stimulate feet gently, while the inner part of the foam prevents insole compression. Unlike traditional cushion, UIN RPS insole compresses less than 5% across the product’s lifetime, providing long-lasting fit, performance, and comfort. High-breathability materials eliminate the moisture, maintaining a dry environment for the feet. Unique features of carefully selected breathable materials mask unpleasant odors and act as a buffer to protect your feet from harmful microbes. UIN Soft Responsive Cushions are easy to maintain due to washing machine friendly features. 

2. SARP Shock Guard Technology

UIN Canvas shoes have cutting-edge SARP Shock Guard Technology integrated for the purpose of reducing foot pressure. The parts of the feet which are the most exposed to the pressure during dynamic activities are covered with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate known for its shock-absorbing properties and buoyancy. The remaining part of UIN insoles is made of the carefully chosen proportion of OrthoLite and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate to deliver the optimal balance between support and cushioning. SARP Insole Solution incorporated in UIN foam pad effectively absorbs shocks and reduces foot pressure allowing to minimize the risk of injuries and improving comfort for prolonged walking & standing sessions. The versatility of SARP shock guards helps to distribute pressure, provide stability, balance, and comfort during both static and dynamic activities.

3. Arch Support System

UIN Footwear incorporates in its insole structure Arch Support System to provide a firm platform of arch support and therefore preventing overpronation associated with flattening of the feet. Integrating Arch Support System with a shoe foam makes UIN insole suitable for individuals with the highest expectations of comfort. The arch support system is designed to reduce the occurrence of Plantar Fasciitis pain and significantly improve comfort during extended periods of standing and walking sessions. UIN arch support helps to maintain correct body posture, comfort, and protection. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Measure your foot

They are not true to size. I did not see the size chart until after I purchased a 9 1/2. Too big, size 9 may fit better, but I hesitate to purchase another pair.

Rhonda McTigue
Love my happy shoes❤️

I LOVE my Uin shoes!!! I get compliments on them every time I wear them!! They are so comfortable!! I took them on vacation when I first got them and walked all over the place. I call them my happy shoes!!!

Nathalie Simard
Happy Feet

Love my new shoes, lots of compliments

Stephanie Kane
Best Shoes Ever

After receiving and wearing my first pair ordered (which was thru Amazon) I went to your website and ordered 4 more pair. I get so many friends and strangers commenting on how cute my shoes are and asking me where I got them, and I tell them the brand name is "UIN" and that they are the most comfortable shoes I have every owned, it's like getting to wear slippers in public, they are that comfortable. Love Love Love Them PS: I never right reviews.

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