A Modern Art Gallery Journey For You

A Modern Art Gallery Journey For You

Share with you uin 2020 new spring and summer products: ‘’Modern Art Collection’’

We draw inspiration from different artistic elements and skillfully combine multiple styles. Blended into Toledo's classic shoes, each one reflects modern art, Wonderful essence.

Constructed with simple geometric color blocks, like shoes with sharp shadows of stars, the name ON POINT" was inspired by mathematical concepts. Close to the color of high-rise buildings, suitable for a journey to the urban forest.


‘’MUSIC CHASE’’ starting from the music culture, highlights the wonderful temperament of music. Dress it to match your musical instrument to start a romantic road trip.


The streamer shoes call “ART & DRAFTS’’, which are overflowing with painting pigments, incorporate a variety of colors in the abstraction, presenting a sense of light flow, suitable for matching outdoors with gauze clothes.


The neon shoes are composed of red and blue blocks, highlighting the flashing lights at night, so we entitle them as “ART FLUENT’’. Pick up these canvas shoes and shuttle between cities to experience the beauty of the city.


ARTWORK IN PROGRESS’’ The little witch shoes, full of artistry, exude casual freedom. The combination of mysterious colors highlights the individual's unique aesthetic and is perfectly suitable for walking and travelling. It is time to show yourself off with “ARTWORK IN PROGRESS”!


Also with the theme of portraits, depict the sense of artistic cinema, uin entitles “NO STRINGS ATTACHED’’.  Put on your shoes, walk into a story, and start a new journey.


The artistic lines outlined by the brush strokes are freedom, and the color is not limited. It has achieved a clever sense of balance and is suitable for travel matching in any scene. This is “ARTFULLY YOURS’’


The final introduction to the “DAYDREAM”. By the yellow color representing sunlight to collide with the blue color representing midnight to describe a daydream that is full of fantasy space and you who love fantasy and are curious.


After all the artistic inspiration is gathered, we will show you two models named “CHARMING KISS’’ and “SECRET GARDEN’’ with abstract pop painting theme. By presenting the classic themes in pop culture through colorful colors, let us openly celebrate modern art together.


The above new season of modern art shoes are now launching on the uin website. Waiting for your exploration to bring a pair from UIN debut. Let artistic inspiration follow your every journey!


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