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About UIN

Originated in Toledo, Spain - UIN Footwear's shoes are a testament to two passions — travel and art. Discovering new places is associated with excitement and joy, and UIN canvas shoes perfectly underline those positive feelings through colorful and artistic patterns.

Although each story is different, we strongly believe that with a positive attitude, even the most challenging situation or demanding travel plan can be a success. Undergoing new adventures helps us grow and begin to color our own stories to express the beauty, passion, and freedom we’ve seen along the way

UIN Story: Paint your story, Free your soul. The artistic touch of Fernando Acevedo’s design highlights his enthusiasm for life, the chase for freedom, and love of travel. UIN painted canvas shoes are crafted simply for free spirits who embark on all of life's adventures in style!


UIN Spanish Design & Fernando Acevedo 

Created as a result of an intense inspiration from Spanish artist - Fernando Acevedo, UIN incorporates artistic paintings on the surface of our travel shoes. Unique UIN patterns are proven to absorb attention and provide a boost of positive emotions. The brand is present mainly in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, but we continue to branch out to other areas.

UIN was founded in the Spring of 2015 and we have since upheld our guiding principles of combining the thrill and wonder of travel with artistic patterns that tell a story. Paint your story, free your soul.

At UIN, we believe in a culture of growth and improvement. We’re always trying to get better. Right now we’re looking for talented designers and creators around the world who embrace the creative culture at UIN and are willing to apply their ideas to UIN shoe design. We encourage artists with a background in fashion design, print, or fabric design to join our UIN Talent program. Please visit UINTalentprogram to learn more!


UIN Footprints Around the World

Where you can Find UIN

UIN now ships to over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Amazon websites support the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan, and our resellers in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Middle Asia handle the rest!

The shoes are shipped from warehouses located in the USA, China, and Germany. UIN continues to thrive due to our commitment to excellence through closely monitoring our in-house production process, striving to provide the best quality shoe, and our dedication to unrivalled customer service.

Thank you for your support!