Have Yourself a Spooky Halloween

Have Yourself a Spooky Halloween

Trick-or-treat, Halloween is almost here!

Yes, it’s nearly upon us. The time of year where ghouls, ghosts, and other ghastly creatures roam the streets at night.

Despite the popularity of this annual celebration, there are many things people do not know about Halloween. For example, did you know that Halloween was originally celebrated by the Celtic people some 2,000 years ago on the land that now makes up the U.K and France?

Or that the term "Jack o'lantern" comes from the Irish legend of Stingy Jack?

There are plenty of surprises to be had during this cherished day.

But remember, when you’re out having a good time, it’s important to have a comfortable, warm, and stylish pair of shoes for your adventures.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The Best Pair of Shoes for Halloween - Toledo II-Knitted Flats


If you’ve ever wondered about the best shoes for the Autumn, Winter, and Halloween seasons, look no further!

Moisture Wicking technology - UIN shoes use moisture-wicking technology in the material to make sure your feet stay dry when you’re sloshing through the wet snow.

Machine Washable - one of the worst parts about winter is all the salt and dirt that gets trapped in the snow. When you walk on it, it can make your shoes dirty. That’s why UIN has made it easy to wash your shoes in the washing machine without damage!

Thickened Outsole - thickened outsole helps keep your feet warm for longer.

Slip-Proof Design - the outsole of the shoe features a slip-resistant design perfect for walking on icy or snow-covered paths.

Toasty-warm wool upper - not only does the wool upper help trap heat in and keep cold out, but it also features moisture-wicking technology to help keep your feet dry too! This is perfect if you live in a climate that receives snow in late fall/early winter.

Minimalist design - when it comes to comfort and style these days, less is more. These shoes have a minimalist design that provides a sleek, simple look while minimizing the weight of the shoe. 

Sustainable material - with 10+ Billion people roaming around this beautiful earth, it’s important to consider how our choices affect the environment. UINs Toledo II-Knitted Flats are created with sustainable material to help protect our planet!

Easy to take on/off - make your day just a little bit easier with the simple slip-on design featured in these shoes. No more messing around with laces!

Efficient foot-shaped design - the interior design of UINs shoes mimics the natural shape of your foot to ensure the best fit possible!

Comfortable insole - using a soft RPS cushion and an arch-support system, we’ve created an insole that reduces stress in the heel area while simultaneously massaging your feet all day long.

Celebrate Halloween With A Fresh Pair of UIN Shoes

Whether you’re out trick-or-treating in the cold or visiting a festive Halloween party, UIN has a pair of shoes perfect for the occasion. We recommend checking out our Toledo II-Knitted Flats which provide the perfect combination of warmth and style!


You can browse all the designs in the Toledo II-Knitted collection here.