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Explore Spain with a comfortable pair of shoes

“In my day-to-day life, I consider a pair of comfortable shoes a very important thing, since in my shooting work, photo sessions, events, weddings… I have to be walking or even running. Too many hours standing requires ultimate comfortable shoes. I like uin, first for their comfort, light, sweaty… Those make them ideal for walking. And second, by the vibe they transmit, they are certainly different, and that makes them unique. For this collaboration with uin, I enjoyed the destination shooting trip with several models wearing comfortable uin shoes.”

Toledo-Back to where the Dream Begins

My favorite pairs of Uin shoes remind me of the ancient city of Toledo, the Art & Science City of Valencia, and some symbolic places in Barcelona. A good representation of the diversity of Spain. Especially Toledo City, the place where the brand was inspired and originated. We walked around the ancient city of Toledo wearing Toledo shoes, which made the two Toledos encounter.

Valencia- the Collision of Science & Art

Other Recommendations: my favourite places to go!

"Spain is a place full of symbolic places, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Granada… But I think where you really find authentic Spain, is going into less known but equally symbolic places, such as Bocairent, Altea, small villages and neighborhoods where to connect with their people, enter family shops and eat in bars for a lifetime. Spain is a country with a very rich gastronomy if you had to recommend only 3 dishes; no doubt one would be the paella, another asturian fabada, and traditional little-caps like potatoes omelette, Serrano Ham, bread with tomato and alioli… "

#What Spain Means to You

Sebastian: “Spain is synonymous with culture, and is a country with a rich history, and full of art and architectural symbols. Living in Spain is living in peace and quiet, with very little you can live well, and with effort, you can get to have a very good standard of living. Your coasts, your gastronomy, your traditions, you make it from a country where you share it is to live. It is the tradition to share time with friends and families after work, to meet with family members on Sundays… In general, it is a country where you live very well.”


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