Stay Warm In Style With UIN’s New Ankle Boot Collection

Stay Warm In Style With UIN’s New Ankle Boot Collection

With Autumn approaching, it’s time to start making some changes to your wardrobe. This includes selecting footwear that’s both stylish and appropriate for the cold weather. At UIN, we’ve got your back—or feet!

Stay warmth in Style with UIN

Introducing UINs Ankle Boot Collection

Just because your footwear helps keep you warm doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. UIN has three chic and modern styles of ankle boots for you to choose from this autumn. Stay warm and look good too! 

Granada Ankle Boots

The Granada collection offers the perfect combination of class and comfort. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of clothing combinations these boots go well with. You can wear a sleek pair of leather Granadas with a suit, casual clothes, and more. Or, if you’re going for a wintery look, consider a pair of knitted Granada boots which feature a soft and fuzzy texture!


Here are some of the top features you can look forward to in the Granada Ankle Boot Collection:


  • Multiple materials to choose from - choose between split leather, suede, and wool, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.
  • Lightweight design - no more lugging around heavy boots—the Granada collection features a lightweight design to help reduce fatigue.
  • Easy slip-on/off design - with their lace-free design, you can slip in and out of your Granada boots in a matter of seconds.
  • Extra-thick outsole protects from cold and rain - the additional thickness in the Granada outsole slightly elevates feet above the ground, keeping them warm and dry.
  • Multiple design options - in addition to choosing your material, there are several colorful design options you may select.
  • Non-slip outsole - provides tractions when walking in slick or icy conditions.


Browse the Granada collection here.


Bilbao Lace-up Boots

If you prefer the classy look of a lace-up ankle boot, then the Bilbao collection is perfect for you! Just like with the Granada collection, you can choose between suede, split leather, and wool to perfectly match your footwear to the rest of your outfit.


Here are the top features of the Bilbao Lace-up Boots:

  • Casual lace design - the casual lace design makes these boots extremely versatile and allows them to be worn with almost any autumn, winter, or spring outfit. You can also freely adjust the tightness as you please.
  • Breathable - promotes air circulation to help keep feet comfortable while also reducing odors.
  • Moisture-resistant - designed with moisture-wicking technology to help protect against the elements and keep feet dry.
  • Improved insole - features an arch support system, soft RPS cushioning, and SARP shock guard technology to help reduce the impact of each step.
  • Re-inforced outsole - provides extra insulation and protects against snow and rain.
  • Non-slip outsole - the bottom exterior features a non-slip, Spanish-inspired design.


Browse the Bilbao Lace-up Collection here.


Madrid Knitted Boots

Last—but certainly not least—we have the Madrid Knitted collection. This boot is similar to the Granada collection, but with a slightly more sleek, streamlined look. The Madrid collection is created using super-flexible material designed to hug the natural shape of your foot.


UIN Knitted Boots

Here are some of our favorite features for this collection:


  • Seamless knitted upper - features an innovative, flexible material with enhanced breathability.
  • Ergonomic design - extremely comfortable to wear and fits perfectly to the shape of any foot.
  • Inkjet technology - creates rich, colorful designs that last longer than shoes created with traditional coloring technologies.
  • Ultra-lightweight - each shoe weighs just 130g!
  • Microfibre heel counter - reinforced heel cup provides extra support to enhance your overall walking experience.
  • Non-slip outsole - reinforced outsole that features a 3D map of Toledo.
  • Improved insole - features an arch support system, soft RPS cushioning, and SARP shock guard technology to help reduce the impact of each step.


Browse the Madrid Knitted Collection here.


Find The Right Boots For You!

Whether you’re looking for a simple slip-on design or a more sophisticated lace-up vibe, UIN has a pair of ankle boots for you.

Click below to explore the many ankle-boot options you can choose from:


Granada Ankle Boots


Bilbao Lace-up Boots


Madrid Knitted Boots


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