Picasso’s “Guernica”, Yes or No?

Odd and cruel as it is, Picasso’s Guernica, which was based on the ruined city Guernica after Nazi’s bombardment, shocks you visually and politically. Inspired by the Picasso’s painting concept, in 2018, our UIN designer made a bold adoption of it to demonstrate our opposition against war and advocate justice, both politically and artistically.

After the launch, UIN followers differed in their praise and criticism of the style. Some said it is a shame of the Spanish nation, with this artwork on UIN shoes, it is a kind of disrespect for the Spanish people and propaganda of Nazi Fascism. Some said they love this pair, for it is a wonderful way to show Picasso’s artwork, both in a visual and political way. Actually, the original intention for this style is to advocate justice and peace around the world, because UIN Footwear is a kind of travel shoes, with which people travel around the world, it is also publicity for promoting world peace and love.

The painting adopted colors of pure black, white and grey, together with the horses howling in pain and the dying people lying on the ground with crippled bodies, to unveil the catastrophe caused by the fascist war. Misery and suffering, however, aren’t the theme of it, but truth and justice. A bright and big eye was painted on the top of the whole painting, like God’s gaze, to display the condemnation of Nazi. Nazi is nowhere, but our pursuit for justice and democracy is ever-lasting. Our UIN shoes hope to take the lead to express an attitude—opposition to dictatorship and advocacy of peace and democracy.


  • Kathi

    I just received my Picasso shoes and love them. These are one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn, and they are so lightweight! I’ve always liked Picasso’s work and the black and white stand out beautifully. Standing for peace and justice is a great message.

  • Tarsila Olea

    I have these. I LOVE THEM

  • Lisa howze

    I love my shoes! They are soooo comfortable. Everyone asks about them. I picked the Piccasso slippers as my first pair because I love his work and Spain. The painting tells me how cruel the world can be and how strong and loving people can also be even when someone tries to destroys you.

  • Felisa

    Why do my Guernica slippers have a map of Toledo printed non its sole.

  • Oska

    I love this design concept!

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