VOTE!! It is your turn to decide what we put into mass production!!!

It is time for you to decide what styles UIN puts into mass production.
Please select the FIVE most attractive styles on your own taste for Japanese Collection, which we will produce for next spring and summer.
👇Leave your favourite five styles in a comment and help UIN to spread this post, we will select 2 winners in 15 days for trying this latest collection of UIN shoes in next January.💥 


  • kai

    Women: 2, 5 – Would like to see something with more green
    Men: 2
    Kids: 1, 5, 9 – Would like to see kids’ style [flap with velcro] in adult sizes

  • Beverly A Gerrish

    I would buy 3, 10, 11, and 13.

  • AMy

    Women’s 1 2 3
    Men’s 5
    Kids 6

  • valerie

    women’s:10, 13, 11, 1

  • Charlene Emlay

    You have, walking shoes, slip ins, fashion flats. Are they all the same fit? The top of the shoe fitting lower and less snug, toes room?

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