The Little Mermaid from Medusa Dollmaker

Inspired by the original Hans Christian Andersen "The Little Mermaid" Tale, the artist Medusa Dollmaker (1983) mixed the Andersen story with an art nouveau concept, creating this work full of love and aestheticism in 2013.
Medusa Dollmaker, artist and artisan from Valencia, Spain, born in 1983 and she like to work in art nouveau style and filigrees, which is with symbolism, gorgeous and warm.
Medusa's weapons: pencils, colour pencils, ink and Yiynova MSP19U.
In this vivid artwork, a teenage mermaid dreams with her mortal love and puts a flower crown on her hair, and decorate her tail with some little shells. With this artwork, Medusa aspires to eulogize and encourage the mermaid’s pursuit of love, soul and ideal, and shows her goodness and purity, strong perseverance and sacrifice spirit.
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  • Shari Anaya-Gomez

    I love everything about the shoes, but most, I love the ART❤ I would live to have all! I especially like your art. I am ordering THE MERMAID, looking forward to mor of you 💃

  • GInny

    Are you going to produce more of the Little Mermaid? I love the design and would really like to buy a pair.

  • Rosalene Feller

    The artwork in all the art nouveau style products, especially the Little Mermaid, is breathtaking. I would like to buy a pair of shoes but they don’t come in the width I need for my wide feet. Best of luck with yoour products

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